So I've been pretty busy lately. Because of my Project:Happy I've been going out more, and accepting more offers to do things. These things have actually left me with more energy, because I'm happy to be out and with people.

On Tuesday, I took my grandma out, we made a few stops at a couple of stores and then went out for lunch. It was so nice spending time with her. My grandmother is nuts and I always get a kick out of hanging around with her. Once we got back to her place I helped her clear/clean out her spare room. We got rid of 3 bags of stuff, and we aren't even finished in there yet! I'm going back within the next couple of days to finish up the job. Also on Tuesday it was my moms birthday, so we went out to the mall, shopping. Then had a lovely birthday dinner with her. Then my mom, brother and I took our dog for a walk. I love spending time with them, my family is a hoot.

Wednesday there was a big snow storm, so we didn't leave the house. I have to admit, I went a little stir crazy but then I decided to excersize and pick up in my room a bit. I also took the dog out and played with him in the storm. He loves the snow!

Thursday I went into town and hung out with some friends. I went to my dads to pick up a suitcase for our trip to Cuba, unfortunately no one was home so I didn't get to visit with anyone. But then I went out with a couple of friends (One of whom was visiting, she moved away last year! So it was really nice to see her) And then went with my mom to get her hair done, then to see Black Swan.. which was an absolutely amazing movie!

Today my uncle is coming over again and we are going to take our dogs out for another play date. Which is good excersize, and I really just like the man!

I know I don't have many readers, but I would love it if someone commented telling me how they are trying to improve there life, even just in little ways.


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