I've always been one for independence. I like to do things myself, I figure if I've got it done myself, I know it will be done the way I like... the only downfall to this is that I have a little bit of a phobia of going out to public places alone. So today, I decided to step outside of my comfort zone. It's my moms birthday tomorrow so we are having a dinner for her. Being the youngest sibling, not much responsibility is left on me to help out. So instead of being upset that I wasn't included with the planning, I went to the dollar store (by myself! Yay!) and bought decorations, and candles for her dinner tomorrow. I also took the liberty to call some family members to see if they would be able to stop by. I can't believe how much everyone appreciated these small gestures, and I mean it didn't cost me much, and I actually enjoyed the time out on my own. This has kind of driven me to be less afraid of people, they are pretty much just like me.. I need to stop worrying what other people think of me so much!

I also went to the doctor today, which takes a lot off of my shoulders. I should be healthy and happy pretty soon!
Also, I had the best cuddle with my guinea pig, she loves her little chin tickles, I love that thing.
I'm off to bed soon for a good nights sleep, and tomorrow I'm helping out my grandma, and taking her to Valu Village.. She loves that place.. and Tuesdays are seniors 20% off days.

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