For the past few days I've simply been trying to get more sleep, and do things I normally wouldn't do.

My dad just became a realestate agent and has to do what they call 'farming'. He asked me to help him walk around his neighbourhood and hand out flyers with his name and information on it. Normally, I would have made up some excuse to stay home, and not do it. But instead, I told myself.. This is something I wouldn't have done before.. and I said yes. I have to tell you, it was nice to get out for the walk, and it was honestly nice to spend time with my dad. I don't do it often enough. So something else I am going to do during my Project: Happy is try to spend more time with my family. Friday night I came home from work and tried to spend time with my mom, but I fell asleep within minutes.. So unfortunately on that spector I failed, but you cannot succeed if you don't try at all. This afternoon my uncle and his partner are coming over with their two dogs for a 'playdate', which should hopefully be fun. They are nice people, and again, it will be nice to spend more time with family.

Speaking of which, I just took a five minute break and my mother and I danced to a great song.. Love of an Orchestra by Noah and the Whale. Instead of feeling tired, I feel so energized. And she seems to be in a better mood:)

I've been keeping my room tidy, and everyday I do a spot cleaning of my guinea pig cage. Just doing this little bit makes me feel more organized. I'm not quite as overwhelmed when I go into my room anymore.

Well Maxs' playdate will be here soon! It should be fun:)

I'll try to keep udating on a regular basis.

...The play date went really well, it was good excersize too, walking through all of the snow!
Plus the dogs had a blast. My guy is the black and white one (Max), my uncles are the two cattle dogs (Reba and Whiskey) I know Max is passed out now.

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