Day 2 of Project: Happy --

I have to say last night ended in a fight with my sister, but I guess that is pretty common with siblings. I tried not to let it bother me, and I didn't hold any grudges, which is a start.

Anyways, it is amazing what a good nights sleep does for you. This is the first day I haven't felt exhausted in ages. Think energetic, feel energetic. Unlike Gretchen, who wrote The Happiness Project, I don't have children or a husband to better my relationship with. In a single parent house, with one sibling who is currently attending school to become a dental hygenist, I find myself home alone more often than not. So more or less, this project is to better the relationship I have with myself, which will hopefully end up changing my relationship with my mom and sister for the better. Maybe it will also help me appreciate my dad and brother more, who I don't happen to see very often.

Today I've decided will be my new beginning, I 'dancersized' for an hour, which I've realized is much more fun than just excersizing. I'm thinking about joining a class. I took my dog for walk, and I've played with Sir Charles, my guinea pig. I also picked up the dishes that were on the counter, put on the dishwasher and put away the clean dishes. So far so good. It's early afternoon though, so I still have time to do some other things. I'm going to vacuum my carpet, and maybe I'll even study for my history exam. It feels good to be doing things... I suggest it!

Wish me luck,

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